Europe's most advanced characterisation facilities open for industry


The Analytical Research Infrastructures in Europe (ARIE) host some of the most advanced characterisation tools in the world.

The suite of instruments available across the network go far beyond the capabilities of conventional analytical methods – resolving smaller features and faster phenomena with greater sensitivity. They can probe deep inside materials and devices under real operating conditions to provide unique insights, resolve technical uncertainties, and enable innovation.

ARIEs are equipped to support pre-competitive and commercial R&D, with a variety of access routes available.


Characterise inside materials or products whilst they are working.

Study materials as they are being heated, cooled or deformed.

Study liquids being mixed in situ and track chemical reactions.

Characterise materials at atomic-, nano-, and micro-scopic length scales.

Study dynamic phenomena from milli- to femto-second time resolutions.

Image structures and defects within materials without damaging them.



For all enquiries about access to ARIE facilities, please use the contact form below, or email